Two of the most precious things in life are health and leisure time.
Only the one who knows how to recuperate and pay attention to his health will these days prevail in the often hectic and stressful working life.

Health benefits of regular bicycling are:
Aids in weight loss, strengthens the cardiovascular system, strengthens the Immune system, elevates the mood and is gentle on the joints.

Thus our aim is, to make available the best possible experience of your stay on this sunny island, whether you are a big fan of the bike sport yet or just want to try it out on your holiday.
As our customer or for a consultation  we will treat you the way that we hope for when we want to spent  the few days of holiday without stress.

- For the  ambitious biker interested in racing we offer racing bikes with high end equipment (we offer the lightest carbonracebikes of the island equipped with Shimano Ultegra mechanic/electronic or Dura Ace Di2) for the product AIRSTREEEM, SCOTT, CUBE and 1OF1.

- For the bike fan who loves nature and cycling with less practice we offer two exclusive types of (Bosch) motor assisted Bikes – Pedelecs – (pedaling required, at ca. 25 km/h motor assistance automatically turns off)

This latest generation of bicycles enables everyone to explore the island of Gran Canaria in a healthy, ecological and economical way that was until now impossible.

Bike tours starting at the tourist centers at sea level up into the mountains with an altitude of more than 1000 meters are a realistic goal and can be seen as a healthy alternative to the car (range of action up to 100 km and even more)
The brands of SCOTT and CUBE will incite you.

Additional we offer e-roadbikes from CUBE, SCOTT and MMR powered by FAZUA and Mahle eDrives, weight of the bike in total starting from ONLY 10,5 kg!

Everyone has reached their desired target with our specially developed cycling map.

The multitude of information at hand and insider tips allow you to independently explore the island according to your personal capability.

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