• The customer takes the bike and accessories in faultless condition and the customer agrees to return the bike on the day of expiry of the contract in the same condition, wear of the bike to a more than usual extent are at the expense of the customer.
  • The customer is liable for damage / loss or theft of the bike and accessories. When taking the bike the customer must check the bike for damage (Cyclo Canaria has a photo documentation of each bike), additional damage is borne by the customer. Additional damage caused to the bike during the rental must be reported to Cyclo Canaria immediately, the costs incurred for the repair of the damage are borne by the customer.
    In case of theft, the customer has to pay immediately (on the spot) the value. The following regulation is valid for the valuation: The bike is max. 1 year old: New sales list price minus 20%, 1-2 years old: -30%, 2-3 years old: -40%, 3-4 years old: -50%, 4-5 years old: -60% of the new sale list price.
    In addition, an amount of 3 weeks' rent is to be replaced as a contribution to the rental loss.
  • The use of the bike, participation at tours is at the risk of the customer - Cyclo Canaria assumes no liability.
  • The bike may only be driven on paved roads (no sand, gravel, sea ...).
  • The rules of the traffic laws are to be observed, we ask for consideration for other road users, be a role model. ID required, wearing a helmet outside the town, we recommend always wearing the helmet (no driving while taking alcohol, drugs, medications).
  • The customer bears the responsibility for the best possible protection against theft at any time of the day / night (leave the bike in your view, lock the bike through the frame on something fixed, keep it in a closed place at night).
  • If the bike is returned before the end of the rental period, for whatever reason, a refund of the difference is excluded.
  • Rental extensions are only possible in consultation with Cyclo Canaria.
  • When canceling a reservation (for whatever reason), the following cancellation fees apply:
    If you cancel up to 60 days before your bike pickup 10% of the rental price,
    if you cancel between the 59th and the 30th day before the bike pickup you pay 25%,
    if you cancel between the 29th and the 10th day before your bike pickup 50%,
    if you cancel between the 9th and the 2nd day before your bike pickup 85%,
    If you cancel on the last day before, on the day of pick-up or not at all, you pay 100% of the rental price.
    Exception: In case of a positive Coronatest result or Gran Canaria has a travel warning the cancellation fee will be credited at the next rental.
  • For any disputes arising from this contract, the application of local law and the jurisdiction of the San Bartolome de Tirajana court shall be agreed unless otherwise required by law.